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About Us

Whether you’ve always wanted to try fencing, you’ve seen it on TV or movies and want to give it a go or you just want to try a form of exercise which is fun and unique, fencing is the sport for you!
Strathclyde Fencing Club is one of the longest standing clubs at the university for a reason. The club is a warm and engaging environment where we encourage the learning and development of all of our members, whether you are a beginner or a veteran of the sport. 

Fencing has 3 weapons – sabre, foil and épée - each with different targets, techniques and rules. Beginners will have the opportunity to try out each weapon guided by our experienced members and coaches (all kit will be provided).
Our training sessions run every Wednesday from 18:00-20:00 and every Sunday 12:00-14:00 during term time. Training normally includes a warmup session followed by sparring between members in their respective weapons. 

Our members annually take part in BUCS competitions as part of our women’s and men’s teams as well as individually in the BUCS’ Individuals competition and the SSS Beginners and SSS Individuals events. 
We hold weekly socials after training and host a yearly Ceilidh among other social events throughout the year such as paintballing and pub golf, allowing you to experience all the social aspects the club has to offer. 

Details about training, events, and club updates can be found on our social media accounts.

Any questions? Ask away, contact details to reach student committee members can be found on the email link on this page or find us on our social media channels to message us directly.


Please visit the timetable to view Fencing Club Training details, including day, time and location.

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  • Fencing Membership - Full Year£51.25
  • Fencing Membership - Summer Only£20.50