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About Us

Welcome to the University of Strathclyde Karate Club!

At Strathclyde Karate, we train in two traditional Japanese and Okinawan Karate styles, Shotokan and Goju-ryu.

During training sessions, we are guided through:

• Kihon (basics)

• Pad works (focus mitts, Thai pads, kick shields, sandbag)

• Body conditioning

• Kata (sequences of Karate movements)

• Bunkai (applications of Karate movements)

• Free-style sparring on Fridays for seniors (eligible after first grading for safety reasons).

We have two very experienced and dedicated coaches, and are also affiliated with the British Combat Karate Association.  Grading takes place 2-3 times a year, depending on the progress you make.

Members interested in Sports Karate are also encouraged to participate in BUCS and SSS Karate Competitions.

We run various club events such as weekly socials; seasonal Gatherings e.g. Christmas & Easter Meals; Large-scale Christmas Party; External Karate courses at e.g. Ireland, Largs, etc

Any questions? Ask away, contact details to reach student committee members can be found on the email link on this page or find us on our social media channels to message us directly.


Please visit the timetable to view Karate Club Training details, including day, time and location.

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