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Kendo is a form of fencing originating from Japan that dates back to the final years of the samurai. Kendo is a highly technical sport requiring more of a mastery of oneself under pressure and less to do with physical prowess. As such Kendo is a sport that you can practice for several years and still be far from fully mastering the martial art.

University is a great point to start learning kendo, we cover the initial fundamentals of footwork and basic techniques for striking and breaking through an opponents defence. Eventually we will provide armour for beginners to wear and spar with other club members. Our club is open to people of all experience levels, we will provide all the neccessay equipment for you, just make sure you come in comfortable clothes that you can movce freely in. We would love to welcome anyone who is interested in trying the sport for the first time.

Any questions? Ask away, contact details to reach student committee members can be found on the email link on this page or find us on our social media channels to message us directly.


Please visit the timetable to view Kendo Club Training details, including day, time and location.

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