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USSU HUB Committee Training


For 2022, all club committee training will be predominantly completed online, on our new platform Learn Worlds.  There are a variety of training courses available for committee members to complete, with a variety of learning outcomes.  Within the platform, each course details which committee role the training is recommended for.  We will also be running an in person committee training day to give the opportunity for as many committee members to come together and complete courses which are tailored to their role (keep an eye out for details!).


Resources are provided on the USSU Hub so you are fully equipped to carry out your role following the training:


Training Courses
  • BUCS Play
  • Competitions, Leagues and Events
  • Covid-19
  • Finance
  • Intro into Liberation
  • Club Safety
  • Wellbeing
  • Consent & Active Bystander (Coming Soon)
  • Transport (Coming Soon)
  • Unconscious Bias & Being an Ally (Coming Soon)


How to complete your training

Follow our step by step guide on how to complete training below:

1.    You should get an email from ‘University of Strathclyde Sports Union <>, click the link in the email to set up your own password (remember to check all inboxes including junk mail) and you will be automatically logged in
2.    To complete a course, click on a course to become enrolled, complete each of the units and any tasks or quizs associated with it
3.    You can track your own progress for each course by clicking on your profile or once you have completed a unit, a tick will appear beside the unit name on the course page


USSU HUB Committee Training