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Committee Training

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CLub Committee Training


Committee Training Hub


Committee training is predominatly completed online through the platform Learn Worlds. There is a diverse amount of training courses available for committee members to complete, with a veriety of learning outcomes.  Within the platform, each course details which committee role the training is recommended for. The Sports Union will hold an in person 'committee training day' in September to meet new committees and deliver some of the courses in person. 

To guide our committee members, we reccommend downloading and reading the Club-Handbook.


Resources are provided on the USSU Hub so you are fully equipped to carry out your role following the training:

Training Courses
  • BUCS/SSS Captains
  • Transport
  • Events, leagues & competitions
  • Finance
  • Club Safety
  • Wellbeing
  • Facilities & Club Training
  • Coaching


How to complete your training

Follow our step by step guide on how to complete training below:

  1. Click the below link to access the committee hub, and then select the 'sign up' button on the top right.
  2. Upon registration, put your club in the 'tag' box e.g Hockey (W).
  3. To complete a course, click on a course to become enrolled, complete each of the units and any tasks or quizs associated with it. You must complete and look at every resource in the course to tick it as 'complete'.
  4. You can track your own progress for each course by clicking on your profile or once you have completed a unit, a tick will appear beside the unit name on the course page.


Committee Training Hub

(If registering for the first time, please ensure you fill out the 'tag' box with your club e.g Hockey (W)).

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