Health & Wellbeing


Improving Your Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our members and the student community is important to us. We all have mental health and wellbeing and there are many everyday things we can do to support our wellbeing.

Use the SAMH Wellbeing Assessment tool to check in on yourself and monitor how you are feeling.

University can be a busy time, which can make it harder for you to take the time to look after your mental wellbeing. When you’re busy, stresses can mount up and really take their toll - so it’s important to take the time to prioritise your own mental wellbeing. If you have:



Check out our StrathActive programme.

StrathActive is the University’s flagship active health programme delivered in partnership between the Sports Union, Strathclyde Sport and Strath Union.

Together, we provide a range of free activities on campus for students and staff where the emphasis is on having fun and being a part of #StrathLife


STRAthclyde Sport ExHALE

ExHALE (Exercise for Health, Achievement, Lifestyle and Energy). 

ExHALE is a support service with valuable online resources open to all members of the University community and beyond, to encourage and provide advice on activity, healthy habits and improved wellbeing.


Hear to listen

Hear to Listen is a service that offers informal, friendly, confidential,  1-1 wellbeing support, in person and online, and a safe space where students can find someone to talk to, to offload their worries, or be signposted to additional support if needed.

This is not counselling, nor direction, nor intervention, but simply pastoral support, offering a listening ear to anyone who wants it - even if it’s just to chat because someone is new to Strathclyde and still getting to know people and the campus.


Strathclyde University Services

The University offers  Disability & Wellbeing Services

The Disability & Wellbeing services have developed the Self-Help section of our Mental Health and Wellbeing page to include resources focussed on maintaining and improving your wellbeing. These resources highlight the importance of considering the impact that our daily routine, environment, activity levels, nutrition, social interaction and self-care habits can have on our overall quality of life during this period of adjustment. There are also Bookable Wellbeing Programmes, Training & E-Learning.


SOMEone To TAlk to

  • Samartitans Glasgow 116 123 or email
  • Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87 (All Weekend and Monday to Friday)

If you are looking for someone to talk to, are experiencing distress, despair, or thoughts of suicide, we would encourage you to contact Samaritans urgently for free 24/7 on 116 123 or by emailing 

If you are at risk of harm, please phone NHS 24 for free on 111. If you are at immediate risk of harm to yourself or anyone else, please contact emergency services on 999

Peer Support can also be found through the Reach Out society that you can find on social media and many of our clubs host zoom catch ups.


Rosey Project

If you have experienced sexual violence, there is support for you at the Rosey Project.


External Mental Health Services

Strath Union have developed a list of external mental health services


Emergency Services

If it is an emergency on campus

  • Call Campus Security via calling 0141 548 2222
  • Emergency Services via calling 999
  • Accident & Emergency Services nearest the Univeristy is Glasgow Royal Infimary 
  • NHS 24 on 111 for Health Information and Self Care Advice