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Sport Elections

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Annually in Spring, students from the University of Strathclyde elect six full-time sabbatical officers, including our very own Sports President. 

Also in Spring at the Sports Union AGM, eight voluntary Sports Executive postitions are elected, more details of thes positions can be found further down on this page.


Becoming a sabbatical officer means working full-time for a year, with a salary of around £20,000, leading on Strath Union or Sports Union campaigns, and representing the interests of the Strathclyde's 25,000 students. It's a fantastic opportunity to really shape students' lives as you work to influence the University, managing your own projects and developing existing work of the Sports Union, all while gaining valuable leadership experience.

If you are a current student, becoming a sabbatical officer would mean taking a year out of your studies. You can also stand to become a sabbatical officer in your final year, meaning you would take up the role after you graduate.

The role of Sports President is essential to the smooth operations of the Sports Union and its member Clubs. The Sports President is also a member of the Strathclyde Students' Union trustee board which carries other responsibilities, such as student representation.

No two days in the role will be the same. The Sports President leads on the creation, development and delivery of Sports Union policy as well as supporting the organisation of general sport activities, primarily those involving sports clubs.

A good President will be a strong advocate for Sport and Physical Activity and specifically of the Sports Union itself. Good organisation and strong communication skills are essential to the role. The role holder will also gain first hand experience of planning and managing a large budget alongside the Finance Committee. You must be able to work with and lead fellow students, while also being part of the Sports Union staff team.

This truly is a diverse, yet highly enjoyable role, offering fantastic experience straight out of university. Previous role holders have moved on to positions across a range of industries, such as Sport Management, Business, Marketing, Events, Engineering, Teaching, Finance and many more (we're still waiting on our first Astronaut).

Becoming Sports President is a fantastic opportunity to have your say on the issues that really impact students' live, gain valuable industry skills and experience that will enhance your CV, and get more involved in the University community.

To stand for Sports President, you must stand in the Strath Union elections. Find our more information from Strath Union on the nomination process.


The below schedule details when to expect each step of the 2024 Strath Elections. Dates will be updated for 2025 once confirmed. 

Date Description
Mid-January  Nominations Open
19th February, 12:00 Nominations close and campaigning begins
26th February, 12:00 Voting opens
27th February. 17:00 Sports Union Hustings
29th February, 12:00 Voting closes
29th February, 17:00 Results announcement

Sports Executive

Becoming a member of the Sport Exec will give you great work experience operating in student sport alongside our four full time staff members. There are various roles to choose from where we expect students to bring existing skills, and we will provide opportunities for skills and experience to be developed further. Volunteering is not only a way to contribute to the running of the Sports Union, but it will look great on your CV when applying to future opportunities such as further studies, internships, or careers. See below for the roles & reponsibilities of each Sports Executuve position. All Sports Exec officers are expected to attend all Sports Executive Committee meetings throughout the academic year, deputising for the Sports President where required.

Candidates must:

  • Hold a current years membership of the Sports Union
  • Be a current student during the academic year in office (e.g. 2024-25)
  • Be nominated for one role
  • Be nominated and seconded by two current Sports Union members
  • All member Sports Clubs of the Sports Union will receive one vote for each of the positions.
  • The use of proxy votes in any Sports Union election shall not be permitte
  • Withdrawals must be submitted to the VP Sport by email using only the candidate's University of Strathclyde student email account.

All election specific information such how to apply, confirmed candidates and maniefestos can all be found within the Student Union's Elections page.

Please see the below roles & responsibilities for the Sports Executive positions:


The below schedule details when to expect each step of the 2024 Sports Executive Elections. Dates for 2025 will be published onces confirmed. 

Date Description
6th March, 12:00 Nominations open
22nd March, 12:00 Nominations close - candidates and manifestos published
26th March, 17:00 Voting takes place during Sports Union AGM


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We recommend attending one of the election workshops run by Strath Union to get an idea of what to expect, covering topics such as how to run a campaign.

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