It is expected that all Representatives of Strath Union – i.e. student participants, volunteers, executive committee and staff members – adhere to the Code of Conduct to ensure mutual respect and safety at all times.

Representatives shall:

  1. Be aware of, abide by and champion the Equal Opportunities Policy
  2. Be an Ambassador for Strath Union and always portray a positive image of the services and activities on offer
  3. Treat each other courteously and respectfully
  4. Have respect for others privacy, space and possessions
  5. Assist in creating an environment which encourages individuals to participate if they choose to do so
  6. Create and maintain an environment free of fear and harassment of any type of abuse whether it be emotional, physical, sexual, neglect or bullying
  7. Have a personal responsibility to be fair, honest and considerate to others
  8. Ensure personal or professional differences are dealt with in private and not publicly
  9. Be mindful of language and noise levels to discourage disruption or offence to others
  10. Ensure status or position is not used to attain benefits or preferential treatments
  11. Ensure no alcohol is consumed within any office area (including level 7 and 9)
  12. Maintain a professional outlook when carrying out duties on behalf of the
  13. Strath Union and accept responsibility for their actions
  14. Alleged breach of Conduct by a staff member

Should a complaint of breach of the Code of Conduct by a member of staff need to be made, the matter should, in the first instance, be raised with the Chief Executive Manish Joshi ( Should the complaint be against the Chief Executive, the matter should be raised with the President (


Alleged breach of Conduct by a volunteer or elected Officer

All Strath Union representatives are encouraged to raise any concerns about the conduct of others or the way in which Strath Union business is run to ensure it is operating in a legal and responsible manner. All reports will be kept confidentially and held in the strictest confidence.

Should a complaint of breach of the Code of Conduct by a volunteer and/or elected Officer need to be made, the matter should, in the first instance, be raised with any member of the Executive Committee, whereupon the Executive Officer will undertake a Complaint Review, conducting appropriate investigations where necessary.

The Complaint Review will be concluded within 14 days of receipt of the original complaint, at which time the Executive Officer will notify the complainant of the outcome, which will fall into one of the following categories:

  • rejection of the complaint as no case can be found to be answered;
  • formal reprimand;
  • recommendation to proceed to an Strath Union Disciplinary Panel under the auspices
  • of the Strath Union’s Discipline Schedule.

Should any party be dissatisfied with the outcome of the Complaint Review, they have the right to appeal the decision within 14 days of notification. Receipt of such an appeal will automatically trigger an Strath Union Disciplinary Panel. During the Complaint Review process, it shall be pertinent for the Executive Officer to take advice from other Officers and/or members of Strath Union staff to ensure due process is followed at all times, and that natural justice is enshrined within the process.

Records pertaining to the Complaint Reviews will be stored confidentially.


Implementation & Review

It is the responsibility of all Strath Union Representatives (staff, volunteers & Officers) to uphold the Code of Conduct throughout all Strath Union activities. The Executive Committee are ultimately responsible for the implementation and perpetuation of the Code of Conduct and, as such, will review and agree to it on an annual basis when they first take up office.

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