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StrathReps are students who link the student body, the University and the Students’ Union. Reps work in partnership with staff to make positive changes at programme, department, faculty and university level.

Who are your reps?

Programme Reps

Programme Reps are volunteers elected by their class who act as a liaison between students and academic staff members. These reps attend 1 or 2 Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs) per semester and are tasked with working alongside staff improvingg student experience. If you want to find out more click the rep page below. 

Programme Reps

Faculty Reps

Undergraduate, Postgraduate-Taught, and Postgraduate-Research Faculty Reps represent the views of the students on numerous committees at Faculty level and work closely with their Vice Dean Academic to express the student voice and enhance the student experience.

Faculty Reps

Post-Graduate Research Reps

PGR Reps are current PhD students who represent students within their Department and play a crucial role in shaping the PGR student experience. PGR Reps put forward students’ views and opinions on matters relating to research, supervision, and facilities in the research environment. They help to create solutions and act as a communication channel between staff members and PhD students.

Post-Graduate Research Reps

Vice President Education

The VP Education is the elected full-time officer who deals with all matters relating to the learning and teaching experience of all students. If you have any ideas for a change or a campaign that could be successful in improving the academic experience of students for the next academic year, get in touch!

Your Officers

Rep Stories

Check out stories from Programme Reps and Faculty Reps on our Volunteer Stories page.

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