Improve the academic experience of you and your coursemates.


Become a Student Rep! 


Being a Student Rep gives you the chance to build up your communication and negotiation skills, gain confidence in public speaking, and develop a solution focused approach to resolving issues. It also shows that your achievements aren’t just academic – something employers are definitely looking for! 

There are different types of Student Reps including: Class Reps, Faculty Reps, Full Time Student Executive Officers and Part Time Student Executive Officers. All of our Reps are fully supported with training and can access additional guidance throughout the year.

The Vice President Education (VPE) is responsible for all class reps across the University. This year's VPE is Eyram Ahadzie, and you can contact her either by email at or by popping into level 7 of the Students' Union building during term time.


How to become a rep

Student reps are elected at the start of the academic year (September) and some reps are also elected at the start of semester two, if new classes start. Lecturers will often let you know about class rep positions available, or if not you can email your class coordinator expressing your interest - they will be more than hapy to let you know if positions are available.

If you have any questions about becoming a class rep, you can email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


How do reps make a difference?

Reps are a vital part of the Students' Union's aim of improving academic experience for all students. They attend student parliament and bring issues and feedback from every course to the forefront so it can be acted on! 

For example it was down to reps that we were able to ban the policy that 0 marks would be awarded if a piece of work was submitted late in HaSS, which is now rolled out across the university.

This year one of Eyram (VPE)'s priorities is decolonising the curriculum and she'll be working closely with reps on this important work.


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