Be the voice of Strathclyde students.

Improve the academic experience of you and your classmates by becoming a StrathRep!


* Programme Rep nominations for programmes beginning in January and  for programmes currently without Programme Reps have now closed.  If required, i.e. if there are more candidates than vacancies, elections will take place on the Strathclyde Mobile App, you will need to download this in order to vote. Keep reading to find out all about being a rep! *


Being a StrathRep gives you the chance to build up your communication and negotiation skills, gain confidence in public speaking, and develop a solution-focused approach to resolving issues. It also shows that your achievements aren’t just academic – something employers are definitely looking for! 

There are different types of Student Reps including: PGR Department Reps, Faculty Reps, Programme Reps, Full Time Student Executive Officers, and Non-Executive Officers. All of our Reps are fully supported with training and can access additional guidance throughout the year.

The Vice President Education (VPE) is responsible for all Programme Reps and Department Reps across the University. This year's VPE is Savvina Kritharidou, and you can contact her by email at 

StrathReps Project Launch

This will be the second year that students will be able to nominate themselves to be Programme Reps (formerly Class Reps) in the Strathclyde Mobile App.

On this page:

What is a Student Rep? 

Student Reps are essential links between the student body and university staff. Student reps are responsible for collecting the feedback of students on their course and raising these opinions at departmental meetings and student-staff meetings. Student Reps are in the position to make significant positive change to the student experience.


How can I become a Rep?

If you can't see StrathReps in your Strathclyde Mobile App yet, make sure you've updated to the latest version (3.1). The app will notify you when nominations are open for your Programme (Course) Year - as long as you are signed in. You will then be able to nominate yourself as a Rep candidate. Depending on the number of candidates there will then be an election in the app the following week, or you will be automatically appointed as the Programme Rep.

If you have any questions about becoming a Rep, you can email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


How do Reps make a difference?

Reps are a vital part of the Students' Union's aim of improving academic experience for all students. They attend student parliament and bring issues and feedback from every course to the forefront so it can be acted on! 

For example it was down to reps that we were able to ban the policy that 0 marks would be awarded if a piece of work was submitted late in HaSS, which is now rolled out across the university.


Is there any support or training for Student Reps?

Yes! The Representation Team in the Students' Union is responsible for training Student Reps and supporting their work. Training is delivered once a year for PGR department reps and once a semester for undergraduate and postgraduate-taught reps and these are student-led sessions designed to improve a range of skills required to be an effective student rep! The team is available term-time for all enquiries related to student reps.

In the past year all training has been delivered online. Curently we do not know how it will be delivered for the coming academic year, but either way we are looking forward to meeting all reps!

Reps can keep track of their volunteering hours by logging them here: By doing this reps can access great rewards such as volunteering certificates and a volunteering discount card!


Getting in touch with the Representation Team:

Strath Union staff have transitioned to home working during the pandemic but you can still contact us by email: