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Strath Union Sustainability


Strath Union Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Strath Union

Sustainability at the Union is led by your Vice President Community 

As a Strathclyde student, the positive difference you can make to the environment is huge. Our Climate Emergency Action Group are leading the way with many of their activities  not least their Climate Crisis policy which, following approval by Student Parliament, states Strath Union’s position on the Climate Crisis and sets out the areas the Union will focus on to combat the Crisis.   

  1. An end to gestures of greenwashing throughout the university.

  2. A formal student assembly to evaluate and participate in the University’s response to the Climate Crisis while encouraging democracy in the University.

  3. A commitment from the University to actively lead Scottish universities on an innovative and active response to the Climate Crisis.

  4. An Adoption of CEKO and further climate education programs into the curriculum.

Thanks to student campaigns, the University has pledged to become carbon net zero by 2040, we were the first Students Union in the world to endorse the Plant Based Treaty, we hosted After The Pandemic @ COP 26 fringe events, we ran a Mock Cop, a few years ago we became the first Students’ Union in Scotland to offer a completely free electric bike hire scheme for students, your favourite coffee in Roasters is Fairtrade and all our cups & plates are fully compostable. Despite all of this, we know we can - and must - do more and we need all our students to engage with us and help.

Whether you would like to actively campaign on environmental issues as part of the Climate Emergency Action Group, volunteer with one of our partners based on sustainable volunteering in the community, or simply find out about sustainability at Strathclyde, you can find out everything you need to know about sustainability at Strath Union on the pages below. 

If you have any questions or ideas, contact your Vice President Community at