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Strath Union Sustainability


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Strath Union.

How to get involved

Whether you would like to actively campaign on environmental issues as part of the Climate Emergency Action Group, volunteer with one of our partners in the local community, or simply find out more about sustainability, everything you need to know about sustainability at Strath Union can be found in this section.

  • Learn more (and gain CV credits) by taking part in a Climate Fresk workshop about the complexity of our climate and the current crisis, or doing Carbon Literacy training.
  • Find volunteering opportunities on or off campus which connect to sustainability and community building. We share a range of different opportunities at the Union and from external organisations.
  • Consider joining a society which focuses on sustainability and attend one of their meetings. Some examples include Engineers without Borders, Strathclyde Greens, Renewable Engineering and the Vegan Society.

The team leading on Sustainability at Strath Union are here to help if you have any questions or ideas you’d like to work on.

Sustainability Month

Welcome to Sustainability Month, a collaborative venture to bring awareness of Sustainability in Strathclyde Community between Strath Union, the Centre for Sustainable Development, Sustainable Strathclyde and Strathclyde students! Have fun with events like the sustainability fair, litter pick, swap shop+ and more! Join us in celebrating sustainability and follow along through the journey on my Instagram page.

- Justyna (VP Commmunity 23/24)

What's On

Engineers Without Borders Sustainable Cities Design-a-thon
2nd March
University of Strathclyde , Glasgow
Vintage Vera Kilo Sale
4th March
Strath Union, Glasgow
Sustainability Fair
12th March
Level 1 Union Concourse,
Litter Pick Social Orienteering
12th March
Meeting at Strath Union Reception, Glasgow
Seeking an engaging activity? Join us for a communal orienteering event with a twist: a litter-picking walk! The University of Strathclyde is teaming up with various universities and colleges across Glasgow for a social collaboration adventure.
Sustainability Quiz
14th March
Union Bar,
Swap Shop+
18th March
End Terrace,
Tree Planting
19th March
Cathkin Braes, meeting point near Starthclyde Campus,
Bee Movie
22nd March
The Venue,

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