STAR Awards 2020

Nominations are now open until February 24th at MIDNIGHT! Click here to submit your entries!


Nominations are now open for the annual Student Achievement and Recognition (STAR) Awards!

STAR Awards are all about formally recognising those who have gone above and beyond for their fellow students, the Union and our communities.

There's a description of all the awards below the survey - once you've nominated for an award, click 'finish' and then you can nominate for another one. You don't have to nominate for every award.

The awards will be decided by a panel and will be based on the quality rather than quantity of nominations - so give us all the detail!

If you have any questions contact

If you are nominating yourself then you can also submit your entry to Volunteer Stories.

Nominations close at midnight on 24/02/20


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  • The Astrid Yeates Charity Event of the Year - Nominate an event that has raised a lot of money or made a big impact for a charity this year
  • Collaboration of the Year - What collaborative event or project between socieites, clubs, reps or anyone else deserves recognition this year?
  • Event of the Year - What has been the best student run event this year?
  • Newcomer of the Year - Is there a new student or member of your club who has jumped in head first and made a big impact?
  • Club & Society of the Year - Which club or society has been the best this year?
  • Volunteer of the Year - Which volunteer has made the biggest impact this year?



  • Captain of the Year - Who has been the best captain of  a sports club this year?
  • Club of the Year - Which sports club has bee the best this year?
  • Sports Volunteer of the Year - Nominate anyone who has volunteered for a sports club or team this year



Who has been the best academic rep in your faculty this year?

  • Business Rep of the Year 
  • Engineering Rep of the Year
  • HaSS Rep of the Year 
  • Science Rep of the Year 
  • Rep of the Year - Who has been the best academic rep overall this year?

Liberation & Campaigns

  • Activist of the Year - Nominate someone who's activism has make a big impact this year
  • Campaign of the Year - Nominate a campaign that has made a big impact this year


  • Community Project of the Year - Nominate a project that has helped the community this year
  • Community Volunteer of the Year - Who has worked extra hard volunteering for the community this year?


Clubs & Societies

If you're not sure what category a society falls into, you can check by seeing what is written above the society name on this page 

  • Course Related Society of the Year 
  • Faith & Culture Society of the Year
  • Hobbies & Interests Society of the Year
  • Media, Arts & Music Society of the Year
  • Political, Community & Activism Society of the Year
  • Best New Club - Nominate a club or society that had just been set up this year 

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