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teaching excellence award programme on table

Teaching Excellence Awards

Annual Teaching Excellence Awards

What are TEAs?

Teaching Excellence Awards are student-led teaching awards that are hosted by the Student Executive and Non-Executive Officers, to recognise the best of Strathclyde's teaching staff. Being student-led means it is solely students who nominate, shortlist and pick the winners. Union staff oversee the process to make sure everything runs smoothly and to ensure fairness, but they aren't involved in the decision making.

This year's event took place on Thursday 18th May 2023 in The Venue!

2023 Nominees

Thank you to everyone who nominated for this year's TEAs. Take a look at the full list of nominees:

2023 Longlist


Congratulations to all our nominees and winners!

Innovative Practises

Winner: Marisa Smith


  • Kelly Anne Findlay
  • Andrew Ward
  • Claire Timmins


Winner: Pernile Soreen


  • Cedric Moreau
  • Phil Taylor
  • Katie Davidson

Feedback and Support

Winner: Robert Lockhart


  • David Fletcher
  • Marcia Dlanjwa
  • Xichun Luo

Going the Extra Mile

Winner: Susan Rasmussen


  • Dr David Wilson
  • Lucie Piochaud-Prévost
  • Michael Murray

Non-Teaching Support Staff or Service

Winner: Susan Jackson


  • Jacqui Miller
  • Margaret Robinson
  • Sep Fardghassemi

Teaching Assistant or Tutor

Winner: Noemie Jollet


  • Maisie Keogh
  • Neil Shepherd
  • Raquel Martinez

Excellence in Education for Sustainable Development

Winner: Robert Collins


  • Dr Annalisa Riccardi
  • Iain Davies
  • Jen Roberts

Outstanding Commitment to Equality and Inclusion

Winner: Susan Currie


  • Carolyn Andrews
  • Isla Ross
  • John Davis

Best in HaSS

Winner: Cedric Moreau


  • Vanesa Sabala
  • Niall Whelehan
  • Debbie McLeod

Best in Science

Winner: Ian Towle


  • Jacqui Miller
  • Katie Davidson
  • Barry Miller

Best in Engineering

Winner: Richard Adams


  • Xichun Luo
  • Neil Shepherd
  • Ombretta Romice

Best in Business

Winner: Phil Taylor


  • Juliane Thamm
  • Chandra Thapa
  • Anthea Mendes

Best Overall

Winner: Claire Timmins

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TEAs 2022

Thank you to everyone who nominated for last year's TEAs. Details of the 2022 TEAs event and the full longlist of all nominees can be found below.


2022 Longlist

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