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Similar to the University, the Union Complaint Procedure has two parts which are explained briefly below.

Frontline Resolution:

This is for issues which are straightforward and can easily be resolved without or with very little investigation needing to take place. They include the kind of thing that would result in an apology, a reasonable explanation of why something has or hasn't happened or another fairly easy solution.  You can make a complaint of this kind to any member of staff but it is normally best to approach the person involved or the person above them.  The details of your complaint will be logged and you will normally have an outcome within 5 days.


If your complaint is more complicated it will be handled through an investigation.  To trigger this stage you must submit a complaint in writing either by:

Once you submit your complaint the Union will put someone in charge of investigating what you have raised. If it is about the conduct of an indivdual staff member, Exec Officer or Volunteer, the President will investigate it, following the rules and timelines set out in the USSA code of conduct.

If the complaint is about a service, facilty or activity the investigator will be the relevant department manager. The investigator will often ask you to come to a meeting to discuss it, they will also speak to relevant staff and other students.  Once they have completed their investigation they will write a report and get back to you within 20 days (this can be extended if the relevant people are not available within the 20 days limit but they will tell you this).