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Feedback and Complaints

The Union maintains a complaints procedure which we use alongside other key Union policies in order to ensure that we continue to offer a welcoming and inclusive experience. Unfortunately sometimes things go wrong; below is a brief overview of how issues may be resolved. Our full complaints procedure is available here

Informal and Frontline Resolution

This is for issues which are straightforward and can easily be resolved without or with very little investigation needing to take place. They include the kind of thing that would result in an apology, a reasonable explanation of why something has or hasn't happened or another simple solution.  You can make a complaint of this kind to any member of staff but it is normally best to approach the person involved or their line manager. The details of your complaint will be logged and you will normally have an outcome within 5 days at the latest


If your complaint is more complicated or requires us to look into the circumstances of your complaint, it will be handled through an investigation. We would encourage where possible for you to raise your complaint as a Frontline matter first so we can resolve it quickly, but if you wish to raise a complaint for investigation you can do so by: 

  • downloading our complaints form and emailing it to our CEO at or send it in by post to CEO, Strath Union, 51 Richmond Street, Glasgow, G1 1XU. 

Once you submit your complaint the Union will put someone in charge of investigating what you have raised. In particular we will take into account Strath Union's code of conduct to ensure that the investigation and outcome are in line with this. 

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