1. General

1.1 This procedure sets out the actions that will be taken to address complaints raised in relation to Strath Union’s services, facilities or activities.

1.2 A complaint may relate to:

1.2.1 the quality and standard of service or failure to provide a service

1.2.2 the quality of facilities or equipment

1.2.3 unfair treatment or inappropriate behaviour by a union staff member, student representative or volunteer as set out in the Strath Union code of conduct.

1.3 Any person who has come into contact with any of Strath Union services can make a complaint using this procedure.

2. Handling of Informal Frontline Complaints

2.1 If a complaint has been raised in person, the staff member or Strath Union representative with whom the complaint has been raised will, where possible, aim to address the issue immediately.

2.2 Where appropriate, members of staff will pass frontline complaints to their manager to address.

2.3 In all cases, the relevant Strath Union staff member, representative or manager will respond to a frontline complaint within five working days of the complaint being made.

3. Formal Written Complaints

3.1 If the complainant continues to be dissatisfied with the response to their complaint at the frontline, they should make a complaint in writing to Strath Union.

3.2 To ensure adequate information is received, the Strath Union Complaint Form is made available on the Strath Union website. Complainants are encouraged to fill in this form but all written complaints will be addressed.

3.3 All complaints should be emailed to  strathunion.feedback@strath.ac.uk , or sent by post or hand delivered to Strathclyde Students’ Union on 90 John Street, G1 1JH.

4. Handling of Formal Written Complaints

4.1 Once received, the complaint will be passed on to the relevant Executive Officer or manager, who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within five working days.

4.2 The complaint will then be addressed based on the subject by one of two processes;

 4.2.1 Complaints about members of Strath Union staff, officers or volunteers will be investigated by the Chief Executive or Union President as set out in the Strath Union Code of Conduct.

4.2.2 Complaints about any of Strath Union’s facilities, activities or operations will be investigated by the manager of the relevant department.

5. Investigation of complaints relating to the conduct of an individual

5.1 Any investigation into the conduct of an individual will be governed by, and only by, the regulations set out in the Strath Union code of conduct.

5.2 In some cases, the investigating manager may refer a complaint for investigation under Strath Union’s disciplinary procedures for staff or Strath Union members. Where this occurs, the complainant will be informed of this, but may not be informed of the outcome of any disciplinary procedures.

6. Investigation of Complaints relating to facilities, activities or operations

6.1 As part of the investigation, the complainant will be offered the opportunity to discuss their complaint with the investigating manager.

6.2 The investigating manager will issue a written response to the complaint within 20 working days. If, for any reason, the investigating manager is unable to respond to the complaint within 20 working days, they will contact the complainant to explain this, and to inform the complainant as to when a response to the complaint will be issued.

6.4 All complaints raised via a Complaint Form, and the responses issued to these complaints, will be reported to the Strath Union President, and Strath Union’s Board of Trustees. 

6.5 Where a complainant remains dissatisfied with the response to their complaint, they may raise this with the University of Strathclyde’s University Secretary and Compliance Officer, who will appoint an independent person to investigate such a complaint. Their decision will be final.


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