Committed to our Members
As a student led organisation we want to ensure that our members are involved in our democratic processes and decision making. Our commitment to our members is reflected in our vision, mission and values and we strive to ensure that we are the voice of the student body on our campus.

Our Vision
Being part of the Union will be the best decision you’ll ever make at University.

Our Mission
To represent, support and enhance the lives of all Strathclyders to ensure they maximise their student experience whilst creating life changing opportunities.

Our Values
a) Representative - listening to our students, taking action and affecting change
b) Innovative - Bold and resourceful, constantly striving to enhance the student experience
c) Fun - The beating heart of the student body and an enjoyable experience for everyone
d) Inclusive - Everyone counts, everyone has a voice. Equality of Opportunity for all.
e) Engaging - All students aware of their membership of the Union and the services available