Our vision is that together we will ensure every student has an outstanding Strathclyde experience; advertising helps us to achieve this. We are a charity and as such all surpluses made from catering, bars and advertising are ploughed back into student services such as our clubs & societies, student groups, student volunteers and our advice and support services.

For students who have just left home, now is the time to decide which brands to buy, use and trust for the first time - usually starting the habit of a lifetime! Catching them now is a great way to attract life-long loyalty to your product. It’s no wonder that the 18 to 24 age bracket is the most profitable!

The University of Strathclyde Students’ Union is situated in the heart of the city centre. Whether it’s offering students a cheap place to eat, a space to host their clubs or a chance to run their own campaigns - we’re a big part of their everyday life. Our range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities gives you the unique chance to reach students directly, in a format that works for you.

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