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Transferring within Strathclyde

Transferring out of Strathclyde


Realising that a course isn’t right for you or that you want to do something else entirely can be a big, hard decision to make, but if you’ve made up your mind that you don’t want to continue at Strathclyde, then withdrawing from the University is a fairly simple process.

You need to email or write to Student Business (contact details here) informing them of your name, student number, and the date which you which to withdraw from.

Some students like to tell their departments as well, particularly if there’s a member of staff there that’s supported them or given them advice, but informing Student Business is the only formal requirement by the University.

However, it’s also important that you inform your funding body (e.g. SAAS) to let them know that you have withdrawn and to make sure that you understand the financial implications of this and options for future financial support. The Advice Hub can also advise on this to make sure you know what will happen before you make a final decision.

Transferring within Strathclyde

If you have decided that your current course isn’t for you, but that there’s another one at Strathclyde you’d like to do instead then you may be able to apply for an internal transfer.

Your starting point for this is identifying the course that you are interested in studying and getting in touch with the department that run it to express your interest in the course. They will be able to advise on whether you meet the entrance requirements and whether they would have space to accept you onto the course.

They may then ask you to complete an internal transfer form and write a statement explaining why you don’t want to continue with your current course and why the new course is right for you – think of it as similar to a personal statement!

It’s important to explore what the financial implications of transferring or repeating any period of study may be, so if you have any questions about that then get in touch to speak with an adviser.

Transferring out of Strathclyde

If you have decided that you want to study somewhere other than Strathclyde, whether that’s on the same course or a different one entirely, then the first step is to contact the admissions team or relevant academic department at the institution you want to transfer into.

They can advise on whether a direct transfer would be possible and what steps you will need to follow to do this or whether you would need to apply through UCAS for admission.

It’s important to make sure that you inform your funding body that you are changing courses and universities so that they can ensure the right funding is in place for you.  

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