Following the outbreak of Covid-19, we are moving to an online only service. You can email us at or contact us here to arrange a time for a phone or online appointment.

Please see below for any Frequently Asked Questions about the situation and how it may impact you. It's advisable to check this page regularly for any changes.

I have an assignment due, what should I do?

Currently it will be expected that students submit their coursework by their normal deadlines. However, if you are feeling unwell or think that you may not meet the deadline then you can request an extension directly with your department. We also recommend you submit a Personal Circumstances update via Pegasus immediately.

What's happening with my exams?

The University has made the decision to cancel all semester 2 exams (due to commence on 20th April 2020) for students in 1st and 2nd year of undergraduate programmes. If alternative arrangements had been put in place as an alternative to end of year exams sat in person, these are no longer running. Other assessments that form part of your course may still be in place and you should contact your department for advice on these.

But I'm not in 1st or 2nd year!

The University issued guidance related to exams for students in years 3, 4 and 5 on the 30th March. The key information is:

  • Formal, time-bound exams in a set location will not run as scheduled;

  • Exams and final assessments will take the format of home-based, 'open book' exams/assessments;

  • These will take into account limited access to specialist equipment or software.

We appreciate that you may have questions arising from your own specific circumstances and would encourage you to get in touch with us to chat through things so we can advise you on what may happen and your options!

What about postgraduate students?

Assessment and exam arrangements for postgraduate students are still in discussion.

What if exams are part of my course requirements in line with professional regulations?

Students who take modules that have a final assessment as part of the conditions set by a professional, statutory, or regulatory body should expect to take these in an alternative format. Details of these should be communicated directly to you by your department, but if you have any problems, get in touch and we'll try to help out!

How do I submit Personal Circumstances?

This should all be done online via Pegasus at the moment for matters both related and unrelated to Covid-19. You should not submit a hard copy of the Personal Circumstances or evidence. If you are easily able to obtain and scan supporting evidence of your circumstances, then this should be sent to in addition to the self-report on Pegasus.

We have put together a visual guide for how to self-report on Pegasus here!

No evidence is required of circumstances related to Covid-19. For other circumstances you may be contacted for further information, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any help.

I have no money as my employer has no hours for me and I can’t pay my rent. What should I do?

Don't panic, eviction is not a quick process. It may be worth speaking to your letting agent/landlord first to ask if they can be flexible. You should then speak with the Student Funding and Financial Support Team about applying for financial support funds. The University has established the Covid-19 Hardship Fund to support with issues directly arising from the impact of Covid-19. We can help you through the process of applying for any University funds so please contact the Advice Hub directly. 

I am worried about how to pay for or access food.

Please get in touch with us and we can discuss what options you have and the potential for emergency support. Also, as above, check out the University's Covid-19 Hardship Fund to support with issues directly arising from the impact of Covid-19.

This situation has really impacted my mental health and I need someone to talk to someone.      

This feeling is understandable during this and there are some great online and telephone resources out there if you feel unable to leave your flat or you can’t get an appointment with your GP. Samaritans can be contacted 24 hours day on 116 123 or emailed at or you can find details on Covid-19 and your wellbeing on the Mind website.

Disability & Wellbeing at the University are also continuing to support students during this time. A phone, online, or email service is available and they are also running a daily Zoom drop-in from 11am to 12pm for information and advice from their advisers!

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