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Advice Hub FAQs

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19 we have moved the Advice Hub service online.

The easiest and quickest way to contact The Advice Hub is to email us at:

You can also book an online or phone appointment here.

We are open Monday to Friday all year round. We close for two weeks over Christmas and on public holidays, but otherwise are available during University holidays.

From September 2021, we are based on the ground floor of Strath Union in the new Learning and Teaching Building (formally Colville). If you come in through the main entrance, turn right and you won't miss us - we are just behind the coffee shop! We are fully accessible. 

Yes! There are exceptions to our confidentiality: if we believe that there is a significant risk of harm to a student or to another person, then we will discuss this with relevant bodies in line with adult and child protection legislation. Otherwise, anything discussed is entirely confidential within the Advice Hub and we will seek explicit consent from a student before sharing information or contacting anyone on their behalf. Our full confidentiality policy is available here

You can read the full details of our privacy notice here.

By email, on the phone, via Teams or Zoom, or at a face to face appointment. If a student is not able to access the premises and wishes to meet face to face, we will make alternative arrangements at our discretion to meet them in a convenient public space; we will not be able to guarantee full confidentiality in such circumstances due to the risk of being interrupted or overheard. 

If a student is seeking advice from the Advice Hub on a matter that they are receiving advice from another agency on, we reserve the right to withdraw the service. This is to avoid conflict of advice which may be detrimental to a student's case and to ensure a central point of contact on a matter. 

We engage with internal and external partners, including staff and services across the University, other relevant charities and support organisations. We deal with academic matters (including appeals, disciplinaries, transfer, course matters, complaints), housing (tenancy issues, finding accommodation, letting agencies, flatmate problems, council tax, deposits, housing rights), benefits (all applicable), finance (student funding bodies, emergency funding, Discretionary and Childcare Funds, budgeting and money management, Participation Funds), health and wellbeing (free condoms, free sanitary products, mental and physical health support, emergency food provision).

We also support the coordination of the Nightline service and run health and wellbeing campaigns.

The benefit of our service is that students have a place to come to confidentially discuss their problems or concerns without fear of judgement or negative action being taken without their consent. We are able to represent students impartially at meetings, panels and hearings as appropriate.

No, we are part of the Students’ Union and as such, are an independent, autonomous service. We retain excellent links with University staff, departments and support services in order to attempt to resolve difficulties that may arise for a student.

We record all information about you, your case or enquiry on an online professional case recording system called Advice Pro. This is hosted by a company external to the University and password protected. This means that nobody outside of the Advice Hub can access your file. We record notes we take when you speak with us, any work we do on your behalf, emails sent to and by us, and scans of documents that you may provide to us. This is to ensure that we keep an accurate record of your case that we can use to help inform our advice and support for you on an ongoing basis.

Your information and file will be destroyed after six years. In line with data protection legislation, you are entitled to see any information held about you and we can provide you with your case file upon request. 

Our full terms and conditions document is available here for anyone to reference. If you have any questions about anything in this document, get in touch with the Advice Hub Manager at the details listed above. 

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