Coronavirus (COVID-19) &FAQs

Guidance and support


Sometimes life at university – or just life in general - may be stressful and the pandemic restrictions of the past year have been difficult for everyone, but help is always available at the Union! We offer friendly, non-judgemental and confidential wellbeing support. 

At the moment this is online – via email or zoom chats - but as restrictions ease we will be able to offer a safe space where you can always find someone to talk to, offload your worries, or be signposted to additional support if needed. This is not counselling, nor direction, nor intervention, but simply pastoral support, offering a listening ear to anyone who wants it - even if it's just to chat if you are new to Strathclyde and still getting to know people and the campus.

If you'd like to chat with someone, let us know by emailing and Marie, our Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, will get in touch to arrange a time to talk. You may also wish to check out our Hear to Listen service. 

Our new Learning and Teaching building at the heart of campus, we also have quiet study and chill spaces if you need a bolt hole between lectures or away from your accommodation.

Staying physically, mentally and emotionally healthy during your time at Strathclyde is really important. Check out the links on the left for basic info about issues from finding a GP, to mental health support, to getting a sexual health check-up.