Free Menstrual Products

Here at Strath Union we believe that sanitary products should be free to all those that need them. So whether you have forgotten your supply or are struggling to pay for period products we are the place for you! We have a variety of brands and types of sanitary products available. They can be collected from The Advice Hub on Level 5. #freeperiod

We also take donations! If an individual or a society would like to collect or donate sanitary products we would love to hear from you. Please contact for more information.

Free Condoms

'Free Condoms' is a Glasgow wide scheme that provides, you've guessed it, free condoms to pretty much anyone who wants them!

It's a very simple system:  You go to a Free Condoms location; you ask for and get free condoms!

So come along to The Advice Hub on Level 5. We have a variety of different sizes of condoms along with free lubricant too. There is a choice of standard size, trim, large, latex free (for people with allergies) or femidoms.

They are given out in packets of 12 and you can come back as often as you like for more.  If you are going away or we are going to be closed for holidays we can give you extras.

Please don’t feel shy about asking for condoms!  They’re here, they’re free and we run the scheme for you so if you need them why not get them for free!  

For more information on the scheme visit Free Condoms Glasgow 

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