With less daylight and more rain it can be common to feel low during the winter months, and with a pandemic meaning we are more isolated this year your mental health may not be at its best right now. We wanted to give you ten top tips for busting the winter blues.


1. Probably the most important - ask for help if you are struggling. You can find loads of resources and info on what support you can access for your mental health here. You don't need to go through this alone

2. Try to go outside for a walk in the daylight each day.

3. Take Vitamin D supplements (NHS advice).

4. Consider buying a lightbox, light therapy is helpful for some people.

5. Take part in events so you can interact with people; we have loads here!

6. Try to keep a regular routine and think about your sleep hygiene.

7. Take regular breaks from your screens.

8. Try yoga or meditation, we are running a free taster session (link).

9. Keep eating! How we feel can effect our hunger levels, but eating regulalry is really important. Check out this page from Mind on food and mood for more tips.

10. Be kind to yourself! Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies, it is a really tough time at the moment so it is ok not to be ok. We are here to support you if you need it.