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Council Tax

Full-Time Students

All properties are charged council tax which is calculated on an annual basis, but most full-time students are exempt from paying this. You must apply to the council you live area for exemption. Please note that council tax exemption applies to the individual, not to the whole property, so if you live with non or part-time students, there may still be council tax applied to the property as a whole. You should not be expected to contribute to this unless you have agreed this with your flatmates.

To do this you need to go onto Pegasus, go to the 'Personal' tab and then in the ‘Student Status’ section you will be able to confirm your student status. There are two ways to do this: if your council tax is paid to Glasgow City Council you can select to notify them electronically. If you are under another council, you can select to get a council tax exemption letter printed and collect it from Student Business (in the McCance Building) two days later.  

Some Councils will send or give you a form to be stamped by the University. Strathclyde will not stamp this letter for you. You are expected to request a council tax exemption letter and attach it to the form the council has given you.

Part-time students

Part-time students are eligible to pay council tax, but may be able to apply for a reduction  based on their income. Contact us if you're not sure how to do this.

I live with other people who aren’t students

If you live with another person or other people who aren't students, they will have to pay Council Tax but you are exempt on the Council Tax bill.  If you live with one other person they can apply for a single person discount because you don’t count on the bill and this will give them 25% off the total Council Tax amount for your property. If you own the property these rules are more complicated so please contact us to discuss your situation.