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Renting – Problems, Safety & Rights

Unfortunately even with the best will in the world problems with your rented property can happen. Our aim at The Advice Hub is to try to stop those from happening in the first place; if you follow our Top 10 Tips  and Ready to Rent  information you will be making a really good start.

That being said we know that sometimes problems are unavoidable. If you find yourself in trouble or can see an issue looming on the horizon please come and speak to an adviser. Don’t bury your head in the sand, the sooner you tell us what is going on the sooner we can try to help!

Rental Scams

Rental scams involving students are becoming more common in Glasgow. Police Scotland have issued some great guidance on how to keep yourself safe when looking for a flat, have a look here.

This leaflet from Glasgow University and the NUS have some great tips to follow to help you be savvy when you are looking for accommodation.

Safety & Security - who is responsible for what!

Your landlord has a number of responsibilities to you:

  • To provide safe, secure accommodation that has the following: smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, a Gas Safety Record, an Electrical System Certificate, no bars on any of the windows, effective locks on windows and doors, and good external lighting.

  • They must give receipts for all payments. 

  • To keep the property wind and watertight.

  • To organise repairs.

  • To give 24 hours notice of any visits and not enter the flat without the tenant’s permission. 

You also have a number of responsibilities as a tenant. Some of these include:

  • Keeping the property in a good condition and let the landlord know of any repairs needed.

  • Help keep communal areas clear and tidy.

  • Usually be responsible for paying bills, including gas and electricity.

  • Ensure that the landlord is notified if the property will be empty for any significant period of time (e.g. over holidays).