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Lone Parent Grant & Lone Parent Childcare Grant

Independent Students’ Bursary

Childcare Grant - RUK Students

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Lone Parent Grant & Lone Parent Childcare Grant

The Lone Parent Grant is administered by SAAS and is available to full-time Scottish funded undergraduate students. This grant covers the whole year from the first day of your course.  Money will be given either as an extra grant of up to £1,305 or as an extra allowance against your income. Part-time undergraduates and all postgraduate students are not eligible for this grant. More information can be found on the SAAS website.

Again for Scottish students, if you receive the Lone Parent Grant you could also receive up to £1,215 to pay for registered or formal childcare. To be eligible to receive the Lone Parent Childcare Grant, you must already be in receipt of the Lone Parents' Grant. It is vital that students who qualify for the Lone Parent Childcare Grant have their student funding letter from SAAS by the start of their course so that their claim can be processed by the University at the start of the academic year, so make sure you get your SAAS application in early. SAAS guarantee that correct claims received by the 30th June will be processed in time for the start of the academic year.

Independent Students’ Bursary

This £1000 bursary is available to Scottish students who are deemed independent before starting their course.  Examples of SAAS’s definition of independent include if you have a child or children who normally lives with you.  The bursary is for general living costs and is only awarded to people whose income is below £20,999 a year. The bursary does not have to be paid back. More guidance on the eligibility for the ISB is available here.

Childcare Grant - RUK Students

For UK students from outside Scotland, this grant provides up to 85% of costs (or a fixed amount as below, whichever is calculated to be less) for registered childcare for full-time students. You can apply to your funding body for funding before starting your course to avoid financial hardship.  

In 2020 to 2021, if you are from England, Northern Ireland or Wales you could get:

  • up to £174.22 a week for 1 child;

  • up to £298.69 a week for 2 or more children.

The grant helps with childcare costs for children under 15, or under 17 if they have special educational needs.  You must be eligible for student finance to apply for a Childcare Grant.

Parents' Learning Allowance - RUK students

For those with dependent children in full-time education, this is assessed in household income and can provide up to £1766 (England), £1766 (Wales) or £1538 (Northern Ireland) of support per year. You can apply through your relevant student finance body when you apply for your student loan.

Support from your institution

Childcare Fund

This fund is only available to full-time undergraduates, PGDE students or postgraduate students in receipt of a SAAS tuition fee loan from Scotland to help with registered childcare in Scotland.  To be eligible you will have to have applied for the full means tested student loan.  The amount you will receive is means tested and you are likely to only receive a contribution towards the cost of childcare. This fund is accessed through the Funding and Financial Support Team but you can also collect forms from The Advice Hub or download them.  Remember that childcare can include breakfast clubs and afterschool clubs.

If you are not eligible for the Childcare Fund because you are a part-time student or your childcare isn’t formal you can still apply for help but you need to do it through the Discretionary Fund.

Discretionary Fund 

All UK/Home undergraduates and postgraduates studying either full-time or part-time can apply to the Discretionary Fund if they find themselves facing severe financial difficulty. If you are not eligible for any other childcare funding, you could apply to the Discretionary Fund. The money, which is managed by the University but provided by the Government, can be applied for by filling out a form available from The Advice Hub or the Funding and Financial Support Team.

To be eligible for this award you will have to have applied for the maximum amount of Student Loan available to you (if applicable).

Please note: if you have outstanding money from the Emergency Aid Fund this will be deducted from your award from the Discretionary Fund before you receive it.

Emergency Aid Fund

Students facing immediate and urgent financial difficulty can apply for a loan from the Emergency Aid Fund through the Funding and Financial Support Team.  Payments of around £100 per day up to a total of £350 can usually be made on the day. There is no interest charged on these loans, however, if you do not repay the loan by the agreed date you may prevent yourself from re-registering or graduating.

Please be aware that this guide is designed to give a quick overview of support options available to student parents. If you would like further information on particular funds or welfare benefits, the Advice Hub can help you find it or put you in touch with other people who can assist you.