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EU & International Students


EU Students

Eligible EU students who come to Scotland to study before 2021 can apply to have their tuition fees paid by SAAS whilst studying in Scotland. They are not, however, usually eligible to apply for maintenance support unless they have been a resident in Scotland for more than three years. In the rare instance that a Non-UK EU student is in receipt of a UK means tested loan, they may be eligible for support through the discretionary, childcare and emergency aid funds.

From 2021 onwards EU students are considered International students due to the changes caused by the UK leaving the European Union.

International Students

There are no public funds/government financial support available to International students studying in the UK, as it is expected that International students will have the full funding and financial support required for their course in place before arriving in the UK.

In addition, University Discretionary funds or Childcare funds are not available to International or EU students.

There are some scholarships that the University offers to International students, you can search for relevant scholarships here.

EU & International Hardship Fund

We know sometimes life is not simple and students from International and EU countries suffer from unexpected financial hardship whilst at University. Eligible students from The University of Strathclyde can now apply for the EU & International Student Hardship Fund if they find themselves in a financial crisis.  

Click here to apply and  read more about EU & International Hardship funds

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