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Strathclyde Students Union is taking on Circuit Laundry! 


Strath Union recently launched a survey gathering the experiences of students using Circuit Laundry. Over 240 students filled in the survey. We found that:

  • 77% would describe Circuit Laundry as 'expensive'

  • 86% of students surveyed have had to re-wash or re-dry their clothes after using Circuit Laundry

  • Students rated Circuit Laundry 3.8 out of 10

We believe that clothes washing facilities should be fit for purpose and free for students. The cost of laundry should be included in the rent that students already pay for their accommodation. We are asking for accommodation providers to commit to reviewing their contract with Circuit, with a view to move washing services in-house.

Do you want to get involved? Sign the petition below! Contact Matt Crilly, President, to find out more. 

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