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The Strathclyde Aerospace Innovation Society (StrathAIS) is the University's largest aerospace society. Our focus is on entering international competitions in the fields of aviation and space.


StrathAIS is dedicated to the pursuit of aerospace innovation at the University of Strathclyde. Our focus is on entering student competitions held by the biggest aerospace companies and organisations, in the fields of both aeronautics and astronautics, for our members to gain practical experience of exciting projects. In our first year, we attracted nearly 70 active members with different interests, backgrounds and skills. From designing a fully functional lunar base camp to the aerodynamics of a spaceplane, we have something for everyone who is passionate about aerospace.

We will be building on the successes of our first year to enter even more ambitious and exciting competitions. These include addressing some of the biggest challenges facing the aerospace industry, such as the need for sustainable aviation and the responsible usage of space. One of our most exciting projects is STRATHcube - the development of what we are planning to make the world’s most sustainable student CubeSat. Having already completed an initial design for the satellite, our team are working on finalising the design before eventually building and launching our satellite into space! We are looking for motivated students of any stage or degree to help us on this journey. To find out more, contact us and follow us on our social media channels. You can also register for our introductory webinar, taking place at 5 pm on the 22nd of September, by scanning the QR code above.