About us:

The Strathclyde Accounting and Finance Society (SAFS) is a student organisation for accounting and finance students primarily, but is open to all regardless of their discipline, that aims to create a positive community for students interested in accounting and finance.

Mission Statement:

The Strathclyde Accounting and Finance Society aspires to create a community for accounting and finance students to show the opportunities available within professional services and the broader corporate world. We believe this can be achieved through exposure to a diverse range of people and ideas that can stimulate professional development.

Our vision:

We seek to further members’ development, by hosting a series of events and initiatives that put students into contact with future employers and show the career paths available. We aspired to create a community that is friendly and inclusive and provide a series of socials and workshops that help create bonds with your peers alongside their academic studies. We encourage this holistic view on student development, as we believe as the society grows that it is an integral part of the student’s experience while studying accounting and/or finance.