Strath foodsharing is a society which has a designated space on level 2 in the Students’ Union for a fridge and tables on which food waste is shared for free with students.

By “food waste” we mean food which is surplus to requirement, past its best before or damaged but still edible. We work with various partners around Glasgow but our most important partners are you guys! the students who help to collect food and share it with everyone else.

Our designated space also houses a book-swap shelf for students to swap books. We also started a swap-shop clothes rail on level 6 at which students can swap clothes, accessories and other items. 

We are a community of sustainably minded students and have socials at environmental events.
All food at the fridge is free of charge as we want to promote altruistic behaviour and sustainable consumption choices.

Our four goals as a society are as follows:

Reduce Foodwaste in Glasgow
Change mindsets around waste
Bring Students Together
Get Involved with Local Communities