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Digital Skills Survey

Strathclyde Union are looking to assess and improve our students’ digital skills!

With the pandemic catapulting us all into virtual learning and working overnight, and with a view to future proofing our students for this ever expanding digital age, we wanted to check in with you lot, learn what you know, what you’d like to learn more of, and how we can help you improve your digital skillset. 

We are aware that due to a diversity in background, age, access to digital equipment and even comfort levels, not all of our students will be starting from the same point. As such, we have developed a survey which aims to capture these variations in experience.

We hope to use the feedback from this survey to create a series of relevant and impactful digital skills workshops, for a range of skill levels.

About the Questions

The survey below was originally developed by the Digital Skills Charter, and ranges from easy to more complex tasks. The areas of digital skills are divided into five categories; Communicating, Handling information and content, Transacting, Problem solving and Being safe and legal online. These are further subdivided into life, work and study. 

Please note, work-related questions are to check your digital skillset outwith your course i.e. in a part time role or in your preparedness for this task in a work environment. Please therefore respond to any work/organisation questions with this in mind.

There are 52 simple multiple choice questions in this survey, and we estimate it will take you 10 minutes to complete. Whilst this may seem cumbersome, the data drawn from this survey will help ensure the digital skills work we do in the future is relevant, accurate and reflects the diverse needs of our students.


To say thank you, everyone who fills in the survey will also be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new pair of Apple Airpods!*

*or equivalent amount in Amazon vouchers, if preferred 

Take the survey

So, grab a cup of tea and a comfy chair, and click here to respond to our survey!