This simulation conference provides a fantastic interactive opportunity for Strathclyde students to learn about the UN and climate negotiations.

Via the medium semi-structured role-play, this event shall provide up to 60 students from Strathclyde University the opportunity to transport themselves to the centre of international politics of climate change.

Based on an adapted form of the popular Model United Nations format, groups of students must strategically navigate their way through their group’s aims in the negotiations (provided via tailored handouts), the interests of other delegations (explored in bilateral breakout sessions) and ultimately voting on the important issues discussed. We hope to take the participants on an important journey through climate change negotiations, the actors involved and the problems faced.

You can register for the event by 'purchasing' one of the free tickets on this page.

This event is aimed at University of Strathclyde students - if you would like to bring along a friend from a different University, please email strathunion.volunteers@strath.ac.uk so that we can sign them up.