On the 2nd of December 2021 (Thurs) at 5:30pm on Zoom, we have a very interesting talk by one of our Strathclyde Alumni: Carrie McCrindle who is currently a Technical Program Manager at Facebook/Meta in Seattle!!

In this talk Carrie will talk about:

- her personal career journey and some tips

- an introduction to product roles (Product Manager, Technical Program Manager, Business Analyst), who may be suited for those roles, how to get in and succeed

- understanding the FAANG interview process and ideas for how undergraduates can set themselves up for success.

The views/opinions expressed in this talk are solely those of the speaker and do not represent those of Facebook/Meta.

About our Speaker Carrie:

“I grew up in Ardrossan and graduated from Strathclyde in 2011. Since graduating I worked as a Software Engineer, emigrated to the Bay Area, transitioned to Product Management and finally moving to Seattle to transition once again into Technical Program Management. I currently work at Meta (Facebook) on their internationalization (i18n) team.”

- Carrie

The talk will be held via Zoom and you can sign up here – https://forms.gle/xXVF31zNXZeQvhYs6

Alternatively you can also sign up using the Linktree in our Instagram bio.

Hoping to see everyone make the most out of this opportunity!!