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Guidance and support

Strath ICE invites external speakers to discuss some of the big AI headlines of 2020! To register attendance, 'buy' a free registration ticket.

This event will discuss some of the major AI headlines of 2020 with presentations from experts in the field. We will talk about:

  • GPT-3 - the new, very large language model
  • AlphaFold - a new breakthrough in protein folding
  • AI ethics - focussing on issues around bias and fairness

Prize Raffle

There is also the opportunity to win ML/AI prizes from our raffle! The draw will take place at the event and tickets can be purchased above. There are 3 prize bundles available to enter:

  1. Beginner ML bundle (£1)
  2. Developer ML bundle (£2)
  3. Ethical AI bundle (£1)

You can purchase multiple tickets from any of the bundles you wish. Good luck!