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Guest speaker - Esther Thorpe from Origami Est talks about starting a creative business. Come and learn how to fold an origami pot with her!

Ever wanted to turn your art and craft into a business? Come and listen to how Esther Thorpe has started her business 'Origami Est'. designing and selling a range of different products made out of paper. During lockdown, she has also started holding online workshops, helping others learn how to fold paper into gorgeous designs.

She will also teach us how to make a beautiful origami pot, so make sure to bring along 3 pieces of square paper - it can be fancy origami paper or the scraps left over from your coursework! Any size should work - squares cut from A4 paper are a good size to work with if you aren't sure - all abilities welcome.

Event Time: Tuesday 17th November, 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Please buy the free ticket to recieve the zoom link for the event if you are not in the Art and Crafts Society! You must buy it at least 5 minutes before the event to receive the link.