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Pool tables and bar stools arranged in one of the Strath Union venues

We run events year-round where you can let loose, let go, just throw a couple shapes and put your skills on show.

What's occurring?

The Strathclyde Board Game Society is delighted to welcome everyone back to in-person board game meetings!

These will take place every Wednesday from 6-10pm in Graham Hills 902 during term time.

Please join our Discord or Facebook page to keep up to date with our latest news and to ask us any questions you may have.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to abide by COVID restrictions please note that the following measures will be in place during in-person meetings for the forseeable future:

  1. Online booking - Attendees will be required to book tickets via the Student Union Website and their names will be checked on the door when they enter the event. Ticket numbers will be limited to 50 which is 50% of the normal room capacity of 100 which adheres to the latest Scottish Government guidelines. Tickets and names will be checked at entry.
  2. Anyone with symptoms is strongly prohibited to attend - if you feel unwell or are displaying any of Covid-19 symptoms. please do not attend the event as anyone displaying any symptoms will be asked to return home immediately.
  3. Lateral Flow Tests are not required - though we do encourage atendees to obtaining a negative lateral flow test 72 hrs prior to the event although this not required to attend the event.
  4. Track and Trace – Attendees will be required to follow the Track and Trace protocols by scanning the QR code upon entering the event.
  5. Face coverings - all attendees arriving at the venue will be instructed to wear an appropriate face mask during the event unless exempt.
  6. Social Distancing - attendees will be required to maintain 2 meter social distancing in corridors and 1 meter social distancing within the room and during games, in line with the current university and Scottish government guidelines. 
  7. Spaced seating – All chairs will be spaced 1 meter apart and attendees will be instructed to stay seated during board games. Attendees will be informed that if they wish to leave their seat, they must maintain 1 meter social distancing. Additionally tables will be spaces spaced at least 1 meter apart from the nearest table.
  8. Hand sanitisation – Hand sanitiser will be made available at the event, both at entrance and on each table. Attendees will be instructed to use this upon entry, before each game and before using game pieces that others have touched. Sanitising wipes will also be available for wiping down surfaces and games. 
  9. Sanitisation of areas – committee members and volunteers will arrive before and stay after the event to clean all the surface areas that will be used with appropriate cleaning products. 
  10. Game quarantine – Board games will be quarantined for 48 hours both before and after each event and each board game will be limited to be played by 1 group per week
  11. Game groups – Attendees are asked to join the BGS Discord server  in order to discuss what games to play and to be put into groups prior to the event. This will allow us to assign tables and games prior to arriving in order to limit in-person contact time. 
  12. Stewards - committee members and trusted volunteers will act as stewards during the event who will be briefed on sanitation, social distancing and safety protocols beforehand and ensure attendees follow these protocols. Stewards at the door will greet guests, check their names on the booking list, ask regarding any symptoms and guide attendees to their tables. Each game table will have a steward who will ensure attendees stay socially distanced and ensure sanitisation of hands and game pieces.   

Event hosted by Boardgame Society


Wednesday 16 February 2022


6pm - 10pm


Graham Hills 902

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