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Welcome back social! After brewing a beer at Drygate last semester we invite you to come taste it with us, as well as having a good catch up and learning more about our society.

Hope you all had a nice holidays.. Strathy brewing is here to welcome you back with our refreshers social !!

Following on from our activities last semester- a brew day at Drygate- we now have lots of our brewed beer we're dying to taste and we hope you are too. The brewing squad went for a black IPA, "Black Adder". 

Whether you've been to our events before or not, come join for a catch up over a few of our beers. If you're interested in getting more involved, come learn about our events and activities eg next brewing experience at Drygate and how you can get involved ! Due to the nature of this event, our president has kindly offered to host at his flat in town.

Hope to see you all there! from 7pm