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Dungeons & Dragons and more! Join a campaign for the semester - ran through Discord and virtual tabletops. Newbies and veterans alike!

The Strathclyde University Roleplaying Game Society (SURGE) is the place to be for all sorts of tabletop roleplaying. We host Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars FFG, and many other games for our members. 

For the unaware: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a form of game played collaboratively as a group with pencil and paper. They can take many forms but are generally built around improvisational storytelling with strategic elements. These games typically feature an assortment of dice for resolving scenarios, and a Game Master (A.K.A. the GM: The central storyteller and referee) who oversees play. They are games built in your imagination and strengthened by the imagination of others. You will make new friendships in your time playing and be able to share stories of the time you slew an ancient dragon, crashed the Millennium Falcon, or were stalked through dark tombs by a vampire.

All play this semester will be handled online. You will have access to the SURGE Discord Server to meet and talk to likeminded players, and to host voice chat for gameplay.

Our Session 0 is when Game Masters and potential members get to interact for the first time. You will be able to hear all about each Game Master's campaign for the semester and join the campaign that suits you. We are open to everyone of every level of experience, from totally green to grognard!

If you want to be a Game Master this semester, you can do that too! We don't recommend this if you have never played a tabletop RPG before - but if you have experience, we encourage you to join our GM ranks. GM signup may be done through this form:

You can also see our currently advertised games! As we approach Session 0, this list will have more campaigns added to it as additional GMs sign on.

More information can be found on our Union page ( ) and our Discord ( ). When joining our Discord, make sure to accept our server rules on the Welcome channel to become a server member and gain access to the other channels.

We hope to see you at Session 0!

A SURGE campaign played over Discord and Tabletop Simulator