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From a treasure hunt to a motorsport flag shot penalty system - this is no ordinary Halloween Zoom!

Get into the Halloween spirit and join us for an evening of goulish games and freakish amounts of fluids (preferably of the alcoholic variety)!

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What to expect?

Halloween Costumes - This is a MUST! Punishments will be in place for those who demonstrate a poor effort in the dress-up department.

Trick or Treat - Please prepare a trick or treat riddle/song/joke in advance to share upon your arrival.

Treasure Hunt - During this event, members must race against eachother to find a specific item in their house. Items could be anything from 'a sock that's not white' to 'an ingredient from your last meal' with increasing levels of complexity and accuracy required as the night progresses...

Dunk Pirates - Expect cards like "the youngest member must take a drink" and "go round the group naming car brands, the first member to repeat one or not be able to think of one must take a drink".

Motorsport Flag Penalty System - Penalties have been assigned to each motorsport track flag. The chief marshals could show you any of the warning flags below at any point during the night. For some sins, such as having bad crack or spilling your drink, there will be consequences... Be ready to carry out the associated penalty within 10 secs.

Who can attend?

Members of the SUMRC can attend this event FREE of charge! In the true holiday spirit, we have decided to let non-members attend too, for a ticket price of £2pp. Please ensure you purchase a FREE or £2 ticket so we can email you the Zoom link in advance! Please note - tickets for members are denoted by 'Students' and tickets for non-members are denoted by 'Guest'.