Refuel, Relax: Recharge

We are open 8am-6pm every weekday.

The perfect place to get away from the busyness of Campus and chill out with a coffee and stunning view of our lovely city.

Recharge is based in Strath Students’ Union (Level 4) and as a student owned space, we are 100% dedicated to student needs so you will quickly feel at home.  Our Starbucks coffee, free soya milk, breakfast/lunch meal deals and extremely affordable student prices are fast favourites amongst all of us… not to mention our free wifi, plenty of space (and plug points!) and much much more.

You can take time to chill out and at busy times we have more space on levels 5 and 6 where you can find peace and quiet to enjoy your food and drink. You can grab your Starbucks coffee and some breakfast on your way to or from class or enjoy a well deserved break.


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