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Free Sanitary Products For All!

Free sanitary products for every student

We are providing free sanitary products to everyone who has a menstrual cycle!

We are providing free sanitary products to everyone who has a menstrual cycle!

The Scottish Government has pledged more than £5 million to provide free sanitary products to pupils and students in schools, colleges, and universities. Strath Union has been at the forefront of this initiative and was one of the first students’ unions to start offering free sanitary products to every student who needs them. We are proud to announce a brand new partnership with local Scottish business, Hey Girls, to provide chlorine and bleach-free, environmentally friendly products as well as a range of reusable products delivered straight to your door! We have a brand new system where you can pick your product and have it delivered. 


"We are proud to work alongside the Scottish Government in a bid to end period poverty and we want all our students to have access to the products they need. The products are for everyone: from students who are struggling to afford to buy them, to those that forgot to bring a spare – please take them and use them!"

Sanitary towels and tampons are available throughout campus for free. There are Regular/Overnight towels and Regular/Super tampons.

If you ever need sanitary products, simply take what you need from one of our many dispensers throughout campus - we want you to use them. Please dispose of your products responsibly once they are used. Sanitary bins can be found in most cubicles in the women’s and gender-neutral toilets across campus.

Map of dispensers on Campus

Dispose of sanitary products responsibly

Our loo rules:

We dispose of waste efficiently. Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper.

- Sanitary products > sanitary disposal bins
- Hand towels > bathroom bins
- Toilet paper > down the toilet
- Anything else > recyclingStrath Union, The Scottish Government, University of Strathclyde