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From the 1st to the 29th of February, we'll be hosting Charity Month 2024! This is an exciting challenge for societies to give back.

What is Charity Month?

From the 1st to the 29th of February, we're asking societies to raise money for a charity of your choice. You can run fundraising initiatives, host a fundraising event or a challenge for your members, the details are entirely up to you!

If you're interested in getting involved in Charity Month please let your VP Community, Justyna, and the Societies Exec know by submitting your evidence via the form on this page.

The categories for the month include:

Best Collaboration

This category shows the collaborative process between societies, it can be 2 or more*. You can work with any society you want to so get creative and show us what you can do when you work together! The prize for this category is £500.

Best Charity Engagement

This category shows the best engagement with your chosen charity. If you are a society that usually works with a certain charity, try to expand on what you already do with them or try to reach out to another charity. The prize for this category is £250!

Most Funds Raised

This category is pretty self-explanatory, if your society has raised the most out of anyone else, you will receive the prize for this category of £250.

Remember to use #CharityMonth2024 on Instagram to showcase all the fantastic events and work your society does over the month!

*If more than 2 societies collaborate the prize money will be split equally between winners.

**As well as the prize money, the winners of each category will recieve an award presented at the STAR Awards 2024.

Judging criteria

These criteria will be applied to submissions for any of the 3 categories.

Awareness raising

Charity month isn't just about raising money but also getting involved with and learning about charities doing great work.

To achieve this criteria please submit evidence below which demonstrates your society members engaging with charity aims/learning about your chosen charity.


To achieve this criteria please submit evidence below which demonstrates your society considering sustainability in fundraising activity e.g. recyclable packaging, no waste, reducing inequality etc.

Check out the UN Sustainable Development Goals for more ideas on how to show you are sustainable.


To achieve this criteria please submit evidence below which demonstrates your society promoting mental and/or physical welfare in your fundraising activities e.g. raffle with self-care prizes, a ticketed quiz on mental health awareness etc.

Need inspiration?

We wanted to shout out some recent examples of fundraising at the Union to give you some ideas on how to get creative with your plans.

  1. Movember

    The Strathclyde Movember efforts raised over £15,000 through a variety of fundraising efforts including a quiz night, deadlifting challenge and soak the president event.

    This is an example of the Welfare judging criteria.

  2. Crafternoon for Palestine

    Following the crafternoon, held by the Student Officers, lino printed christmas cards created by students were sold at a stall at the Chrsitmas Market to fundraise for Medical Aid for Palestinians.

    This is an example of the Awareness raising and Sustainability judging criteria.

Submit evidence

Society Name: 

Which category* are you applying for?: 

*Judges may re-assign your application's category if they deem it to be more appropriate in another category.

Remember the additional judging criteria when submitting your evidence:

  • Awareness raising
  • Sustainability
  • Welfare

Upload supporting documents below (one file per 'choose file' field). If you do not provide supporting evidence at submission we will not be able to process your application until you have provided this. 

***Please note Keynote, Pages and Number (Apple OS file types) can't be submitted.

Applications will be reviewed and winners will be decided on by the VP Community and the Socs Exec in April and the awards will be presented at the STAR Awards 2024 in May!

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