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The largest youth-run organization in the world is on campus. AIESEC is run by youth, for youth. We're always looking for ambitious young people passionate about making the world a better place.

Badges explained

About us

This is AIESEC Find your true potential

Our intense, team-based experiences will provide you with personal and professional skills in an environment that empowers you to grow. Gain life-long connections

By joining AIESEC, you become one of the 40,000+ members across the world. Connect with like-minded young people who are as passionate about global issues as you are. Make your impact in the world

As an AIESEC member, your actions directly impact the people around you. From your teammates to driving change in your communities, the opportunities to shape the world are endless and entirely up to you.

Developing young leaders

We believe that youth are the key to shaping a better future. You'll have the chance to develop these leadership qualities through volunteering for an AIESEC team locally.

Develop Practical Skills:

Through the different AIESEC roles and practical experiences that members take on in the organisation, thousands of young people are developing the skills necessary to lead the future. By joining AIESEC, members are able to gain practical skills in fields such as sales and marketing, allowing them to develop professionally and gain the relevant experience that they need in order to succeed in their future careers. AIESEC is unique in the way in which young people learn by doing, being the perfect organisation to compliment their studies.

Experience Personal Growth:

AIESEC is a space where young people are allowed to try, fail and succeed. The youth is encouraged to experiment, innovate, and find themselves and their passions along the way. Through challenges, our members are able to grow and develop. As a youth-led organisation, AIESEC wants to unleash the potential young people have through practical experiences that allow them to experience personal growth like no other organisation or educational experience.

Our routine

The role

  • Become an expert consultant for one of our exchange programmes and help your fellow students to go abroad on a life-changing experience!
  • Ensure a quality customer experience by managing and supporting young people for the duration of their programme
  • Build your global network and foster partnerships with AIESECers from all around the globe


  • Meet every week with the rest of your team to talk strategy, get training & support on how to achieve your goals, and have fun!
  • Receive guidance on how to create and track Personal Development Plan through one-to-one meetings with your Team Leader
  • Relax during our bi-weekly socials!
  • Attend team and committee fun days for quizzes, movies, paintballing and many more


  • Get access to all our training materials through our Online Resource Hub and attending National Conferences.
  • Benefit from alumni, external speakers and the leadership body's workshops to learn new skills
  • Get the chance to host sessions yourself!

Conferences (watch the video embedded below)

  • Attend national conferences and meet all the members of AIESEC UK
  • Enhance your skill development with sessions from external speakers such as Deloitte, JDI and more

Taking the leap

  • Step-up to one of our leadership positions and lead a team locally, nationally and even internationally.

Watch one of us take the leap: Chester, 23, President of AIESEC UK 20.21

MAXIS Conference 2021:

This could be you, join us now!


Head to our website:


Deadline: 28th September 2022





Vice President Digital Marketing

Vice President External Relations

Vice President Finance

  • This group doesn't have any committee members. Watch out for the next election and you could get involved!

Vice President Human Resources

  • This group doesn't have any committee members. Watch out for the next election and you could get involved!

Vice President Operations/Sales

  • This group doesn't have any committee members. Watch out for the next election and you could get involved!

Vice President Out Going Global Talent

Vice President Talent Management


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