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Blockchain Society

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About us

About us

USBS- A SOCIETY where technology and business integrate around blockchain and its application for curious and mindful individuals who want to learn, connect, grow and become a leader of WEB3.0.

Why should you join us? 

Anyone and everyone is welcome at the Blockchain society, however, if you are someone who often comes up with new creative or innovative solutions around blockchain and applications of it then consider that this place is created just for you! 

Come to improve your business acumen, network, learn and gain a deeper understanding of what it is like to have an early adopter advantage by understanding the power of blockchain before everyone else.

What do we do?

The Blockchain Society or the USBS is made to encourage a Culture of LEARNING AND BUILDING in the University - we are a society focused on discussing latest blockchain ideas, creative upcoming solutions and utilities they are giving out as value creation and solving large- and small-scale problems of the markets using blockchain.

The club members will spend time on networking and then finding and solving the existing problems and difficulties of blockchain industry either in the technology side or in the business side that might lead us to a life changing solution. 

One of our aims is also to create deeper professional as well as personal connections and potential partners for the future. Members will come together to infuse their learnings, collaborate on finding issues, solve some great challenges, innovate new ideas and create some great blockchain projects while making deep friendships that would last a lifetime.

The society members will meet regularly for short periods of time every week to help each other learn the latest technology called blockchain.

The club will act as a catalyst for those who already know about it a lot and want to come in front of the world as leaders. The committee members will attempt to bring in industry leaders to get you some real life insights and would help you crack jobs in the near future.

How should I join? 

Simply click on 'Become a member', we will inform all of our members about upcoming events, sessions, meet-ups and all the fun activities that we will engage in through email. 








  • This group doesn't have any committee members. Watch out for the next election and you could get involved!


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  • This group doesn't have any committee members. Watch out for the next election and you could get involved!



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