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Human Powered Flight - HPFStrath

Badges explained

About us

HPFStrath is Strathclydes newest flight society, seeking to compete as Scotland's first student-led Human Powered Flight team; Enabling everyday students to become pilots using nothing but their own leg-power and wit. HPFStrath proudly believes that engineering should not be limited by what has been done before and instead should look forward into what can be done. Visionary and experimental, we strive to inspire students from across the world to compete in the brilliant engineering and physical challenge that is Human-Powered Flight.

What is Human-Powered Flight?

Human-Powered flight is an engineering & physical challenge with it's first success dating back to 1961. Competition is hosted by RAeS (Royal Aeronautical Society), with the aspiration to one day develop to be worthy of an olympic sport. 

To get a better idea of the current HPF scene, take a look at the video below:

There's also a useful article on Formula Flight and the Icarus Cup competitions written by RAeS here:

What can you gain from joining HPFStrath?

Since we are a new society, everybody's contribution means a significant amount. This means that you have the unique opportunity to play a large role in the society and play a key part in establishing the benefits and environment of the society itself. However just because your contribution is meaningful, we want it to be clear that HPFStrath seeks members from all years and many fields of study. We offer various ways to contribute according to everyone's skill levels and knowledge whether it's basic manufacture, powering the aircraft, or contributing to key design choices.

Some of the benefits of joining HPFStrath include:

  1. Pioneer Human-Powered Flight & its development as a student competition
  2. Join a team of supportive, like-minded students to discuss interests and create work-hardened friendships
  3. Engage in sponsorship and media activities
  4. Opportunity to gain lots of essential transferable engineering skills

How do I Join HPFStrath?

If you've read or heard about our team and would like to join, we'd be excited to have you! Joining is super easy. Simply scan our QR code below to join our discord server. This allows you to join the conversation immediately, and we'll get you ready to getting involved as soon as possible!


Brand Manager

Head of Production

  • This group doesn't have any committee members. Watch out for the next election and you could get involved!

Pilot's Coach

Team Leader


Treasurer & Chief Engineer

  • This group doesn't have any committee members. Watch out for the next election and you could get involved!


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