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Mary's Meals

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About us

Dark blue background with 'Mary's Meals blue' (bright, light, blue) headings, and white text. Various blue scribbles decorate the pages. Text reads:
Strathclyde Mary's Meals
Strath Union's Society of the Year 2022-23
About Mary's Meals
Scottish charity currently feeding over 2.4m children every day in their place of education across 18 countries. The promise of a daily meal brings children into classrooms & gives them the energy to learn. Education provides the best chance for a future free of poverty. Food is sourced locally wherever possible so local economies benefit too! It costs just £19.15 to feed a child for a whole school year!
What we do
Fundraising - Sponsor Nyaulombo Primary School in Malawi. 4th year sponsoring this specific school; Volunteering - Help with events and fundraising- plus we can write you a reference for future jobs; Socials - Meet new people, make friends.
*photo section*
Strath Union's Society of the Year 2022-23; National Student Fundraising Association's Collaboration of the Year 2023 (with Strath Foodbank); Strath Union's Astrid Yeates Charity Project 2021-22 (with Strath Foodbank); Strath Union's Astrid Yeates Charity Project 2020-21; Over £30,000 raised during the 6 years the Society has been running!
Committee 2023-34
Andrew - Co-President; Rhianwen - Co-President; Anthony - Treasurer
Get involved
Follow us on social media; Volunteer with us; Donate (every penny is so appreciated); Come along to an event; Become a member




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