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Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Innovators Society - SEIS

SEIS - Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Innovators Society of Strathclyde is a community for those who want to solve problems, think of creative solutions and make a real impact on the world!

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About us

SEIS - A place where Entrepreneurship and Innovation meet curious individuals who want to learn, connect and grow!

Why should you join us? 

Anyone and everyone is welcome at the SEIS, however, if you are someone who often comes up with new entrepreneurial ideas, start-up pitches and creative or innovative solutions then consider that this place is created just for you! 

Come and improve your business acumen and gain a deeper understanding of what it is like to be a change-maker by regularly meeting like-minded people and discussing ideas and events. 

What do we do?

The Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Innovators Society or the SEIS is made to inspire and encourage a Culture of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the University - we are a society focused on ideas, creativity and solving large and small scale problems.

The club members will spend time on brainstorming new ideas and then solving the problems and difficulties that might arise while implementing the idea, thus being practical while also creating an outlet for creativity for many of us. 

One of our aims is also to create deeper connections, professional relationships and potential partners for the future. Members will come together to infuse their work, collaborate, solve, innovate and create while making friendships that would last a lifetime. 

The society members will meet regularly for short periods of time to help each other to see the wishful and impossible from their ideas and how they can end up making things work in real life.

The club will act as a catalyst for those who want to create by building an accepting and independent environment. The committee members will attempt to present the furnished ideas to our excellent business faculty or to the staff at Hunter Centre. 

How should I join? 

Simply click on 'Become a Member', we will inform all of our members about upcoming events, sessions, meet-ups and all the fun activities that we will engage in through email. 

Got more questions?

Do not hesitate to drop an email to us about any other concerns that you may have! We are happy to help and really look forward to you joining us!






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