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Calisthenics Society

Thinking about starting to exercise? Calisthenics is a fantastic, all round discipline that builds on bodyweight-based strength, flexibility and control.

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Thinking about starting to exercise? Calisthenics is a fantastic, all round discipline that builds on many of the things you would have started in PE such as: push ups, pull ups, core exercises, a bit of cardio, all with little to no equipment. We are a chilled out and informal society, however, we all want and are driven to try new things and we push the limits of what we can do and put our time into learning some new skills. These include the front lever, handstands, L-sits, pistol squats, etc as well as general bodyweight strength and cardiovascular work.

Our sessions consist of a warm-up, flexibility routine and a strength or skill based exercise. We then like to finish off with a HIIT or circuit training. Sessions are every Monday (GH 702) & Friday (Royal College Gym Hall), 5pm-7pm.

Our sessions place an emphasis on enjoyment. They aren't just about exercise and we try and make our classes an environment where friendships can be made and everyone can have a great time. We encourage people of all skill levels to join as we have something for everyone who comes along!


If you're interested in joining you can pick up a free membership below, or drop us a message on facebook/ email us at if you have any questions.

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