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Ukrainian Support Society

The USS is delighted to extend a warm welcome to all individuals interested in joining our progressive community of dynamic young people engaged in a variety of activities!

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About us


"When someone is faced with such evil they should not be left wandering for aid, such aid and friendship should be expected from someone with proper morals."

 Darren Beattie, Founder


Ukrainian Society of Strathclyde brings Ukrainians abroad Together.

As a student-led community, we are dedicated to commitment in three key areas:


We host a diverse array of informal gatherings for our members, including workshops, bowling nights, yoga sessions, board game nights, and pub quizzes. These events provide opportunities for individuals to meet new acquaintances, connect with like-minded individuals, and simply enjoy themselves within the Strathclyde community, University Union, and beyond.


We regularly organize events with charitable objectives to support various causes. Beginning with bake sales featuring Ukrainian delicacies and culminating in raffles offering pieces of real captured aggressor tanks, we emphasize the importance of ongoing support for Ukraine on the international stage. Funds raised contribute to vital initiatives within our country.


Our mission involves promoting our rich cultural heritage and national traditions. Through collaborative efforts with diverse organizations and Ukrainian communities across all universities in Scotland, we coordinate workshops, fairs, exhibitions, masterclasses, informational campaigns, rallies, and social media initiatives aimed at showcasing Ukrainian culture.


Our focus extends beyond supporting Ukrainians as we strive to engage with British citizens and individuals from other countries, fostering cultural exchange and mutual learning.

Details regarding past and upcoming events organized by our Society are available on our social media platforms.

We eagerly await all those interested in becoming part of our extended family, engaging in meaningful activities, and enjoying good company!


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