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Vegan Society

Join in to make friends and become a part of something potentially life-changing! This society is for students/staff who are vegan, vegetarian or are interested in learning more. Membership - free!

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Hi all
, welcome to the Strathclyde Society. We welcome all people no matter if you munch plants or what not. Feel free to chat with others and exchange ideas. :)) "To promote veganism to everyone including others that may seem sceptical - through activism and informative reasoning, plus providing an environment of encouragement and support for all students interested, wanting to pose questions or ask for advice. To share the idea of compassion and love with the every creature that lives with us on this planet, also having a platform where that friendliness can reside with fellow Strathclyde students. To bring vegans together - forming a community and sharing cruelty free recipes along with valuable insights of the subject matter, such as new information or interesting news, thus creating a coterie where students are able to engage in discussions, have regular meetings and attend events." Some must-view resources: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ My personal vegan playlist:




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