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Meet the Team!

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Hi everybody and welcome to Strathclyde Coffee Club!

Let's meet the team. 

President - William Johnson

Course - 4th-year Chemical Engineering

Favourite coffee-based drink - Cappucino

Fun fact - I'm a twin


Vice President - Thomas Johnson

Course - 3rd-year Biomedical Engineering

Favourite coffee-based drink - piccolo with oat milk

Fun fact - I have 26000 songs on my apple music!


Treasurer - Cerian Rimmer

Course - 3rd-year Mathematics, Statistics and Finance

Favourite coffee-based drink - caramel iced latte

Fun fact - I play the saxophone and I really want a moped


Secretary - Megan Wilkinson

Course - 4th-year Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Favourite coffee-based drink - oat milk latte

Fun fact - I'm currently trying to learn French and German ahead of a European holiday next summer!


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